Broad-billed Hummingbird, Madera Canyon

Churchill Birds: Photographer's Guidelines

June 20-28, 2003

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Churchill is one of the premier locations in North America for bird photography. Our Churchill: Nesting Birds of the Arctic Tour is scheduled for the optimum photography period, which is the latter part of June. These guidelines will give you a preview of what you can expect, and help you prepare for your trip if you decide to join us.

Getting to and from Churchill

Note: Because of limited travel options to Churchill, you should make your travel reservations in advance. All prices listed here are in U.S. dollars; be sure to clarify whether fares are being quoted in U.S. or Canadian dollars. The exchange rate has recently hovered around 1.6 Canadian dollars per U.S. dollar.

There are no roads to Churchill. To get there take the plane or train from Winnipeg, Manitoba. You should plan to arrive in Churchill on June 21, and depart on June 29, 2002. We will pick you up in Churchill. If you would like to arrive early or depart on a later date, contact us for information and rates. I will be in Churchill for an extended period before and after the tour, and can arrange extra photography days for you.

Note: The travel times and prices are subject to change. Please consult the airlines, railroad, and your travel agent for current schedules and fares.

By Air: Winnipeg to Churchill

Air Canada: 888-247-2262 (from the U.S.)

  • approx. US$400-$600 round trip
  • Flies Winnipeg to Churchill every day except Saturday
  • Flies Churchill to Winnipeg every day except Sunday

Your itinerary may require overnights in Winnipeg.

By Train: Winnipeg to Churchill

VIA-Rail Canada: 800-561-3949

  • approx. US$385-$500 round trip for sleeping accommodations

The train to Churchill takes approx. 38 hours. You depart Winnipeg at 10:00 p.m., spend two nights on the train, and arrive at 7:30 a.m. in Churchill. Trains depart Winnipeg on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Note: The trains are sometimes delayed because of rail conditions on the tundra; it is best to allow several hours of extra time if you plan to fly out of Winnipeg to return home on the day your train arrives.

If you take the train, I strongly recommend sleeping accommodations, unless you are hardy enough to spend two nights sleeping in a coach seat.

It is possible to fly one way and take the train the other. The trains are quite comfortable, and include dining cars with good food (extra charge). The train is certainly an interesting and relaxing way to experience the change in environment between Winnipeg and Churchill.

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