Broad-billed Hummingbird

Arizona Hummingbird and Flash Photography Workshop

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Learn hummingbird photography and the use of high-speed flash at one of North America’s greatest hummingbird hotspots. This workshop features five full days of photography and personalized instruction at the famous Santa Rita Lodge in Madera Canyon, south of Tucson, Arizona.

More than just an opportunity to photograph hummingbirds at prearranged setups, this Workshop features intensive hands-on learning to teach you the skills you need to photograph hummingbirds with your own equipment. You will learn how to set up customized feeding stations for attracting hummingbirds to your camera, how to prepare and light pleasing backgrounds and flower arrangements to add interest and realism to your images, and the techniques to freeze these flying jewels on film with multiple high-speed strobes for professional results.

For a preview of what you will learn, you can view our Online Guide to Hummingbird Photography.

We encourage you to come with your own flash equipment, so that you can learn to use it during the workshop and then continue afterwards, but we can also provide equipment for you.  We are happy to talk with you in advance of the workshop about equipment choices. You can also see some recommendations in our Online Guide.

Our photo trips feature small groups and personalized attention. Because this Workshop is limited to six photographers, you will receive plenty of one–on–one instruction and assistance. You will come away not only with great photos, but with plenty of knowledge and experience in photographing these "flying jewels." You will also gain valuable knowledge in the use of electronic flash for all types of photography. Participants range from novice photographers to working pros.

The Santa Rita Lodge is a naturalist’s paradise and a birder’s dream. With fifteen species of hummingbirds sighted at the Lodge and four that nest in the canyon, subjects will be abundant. We set up to photograph just outside our rooms. You will fall asleep listening to the calls of Whippoorwills and owls, and be awakened by the sound of hummingbird wings

We also take a field trip to area hummingbird hotspots. Other bird subjects at the Lodge include colorful Acorn Woodpeckers, Gray Jays, White-breasted Nuthatches, Bridled Titmice, and the tiny Elf Owl, smallest in North America.

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