The Pleiades (M45), California

The Pleiades (M45)

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The Pleiades (M45)
Eastern Sierra Nevada, Tuttle Creek campground, California   –   November 2, 2019
QSI 683wsg-8 -25° C   *   Takahashi FSQ-106EDX III refractor   *   f/5

The Pleiades star cluster (Messier 45) in the Winter sky. It is easily visible to the naked eye. The wispy blue nebula are caused by the light of the young blue stars reflecting from interstellar dust clouds, and are visible in long-exposure images.

LRGB 9.1 hr

L 20 x 8 min = 2.7 hr

R 17 x 8 min = 2.3 hr

G 10 x 8 min = 1.3 hr

B 21 x 8 min = 2.8 hr

Photo ID: Pleiades LRGB v3